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The Group Pt. 3
Swandive Flip
the_manneh wrote in mannysstories
The funeral ended and I learned that one of Commander's brothers didn't make it through the war, I didn't know the Commander had siblings. Figured she was an Asian or something. We regrouped at a nearby diner that wasn't too far from where my mom was living.

"We never found Reesy", she told me over some fries.

"What about the others?"

"D-Dub went some kinda trauma after seeing you, she thought you were dead and freaked the hell out, G-Dub even shed a tear or two, not sure what happened to Dior, I wanna say he's still training or something", she said, "NTB went back home", she said, showing me a picture of him, his wife and their son (who grew up a bit since the last time I seen him) on a postcard.

"And Herbs?"

"Herbs apparently is under the radar after a pregnancy scare, last I heard from him, he skipped town"

"What about the war?", I asked.

She shook her head.

"Commander, you can't tell me we lost the war", I said.

"We reached a standstill during the height of the war, the President made a compromise that apparently was supposed to end it, the moment that P'Kahza came here to get everything situated, he bought company, a miniature invasion attempt with a threat of more hostiles..pretty much, P'Kahza brought the war to us", she sipped some coffee, "The majority of the country is on watch but some people got so freaked that they started locking borders, most people can't get in or out of their own cities".

"So we're getting invaded?"

"Pretty much"

"Where's the nearest gun store?"

"We're civilians now, we can't afford to go back into that line of work, there's so much paperwork and red-tape going into this, it's pretty ridiculous", she said, "You could get arrested".

"I thought you knew I was the type to never have a fuck to give, Commander"

"I'm not your Commander, anymore, It's Annie Jellz Bean"

"Like a Jellybean?"

She rolled her eyes.

"In any case, while we're at war, you'll always be my Commander, now where's the nearest gun store?"