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The Group: Rescue (Pt. 5)
normal, sitting, okay
the_manneh wrote in mannysstories

We were surrounded by gun toting soldiers that probably couldn't do anything to me, D-Dub or G-Dub but I put my hands up after thinking about the Commander and Herbs...these bastards would turn those guys into swiss cheese if we try to put up a fight.

"Sirs, we got them", I heard a soldier say as I heard a "take 'em out" command from the other end as guns cocked.

"Whoa, wait!", I said as I heard a gunshot and soon saw the Commander's shoulder bleeding, "You serious!?", I shouted as bullets bounced off my chest.

"It's Project: Nothing!", I heard one of them shout as they shot us up.

"Get outta here! I'm gonna take 'em", I said as I rushed through the onslaught.

I heard G-Dub scream and before I could blink, he had one of the soldiers pinned down, emanating an aura around him that resembled blood red steam before jumping on another person. The bullets melted before touching him as he continued to zip and pounce the victims before taking a handgun from one of them and shooting someone in the face with one.

"Sir, we've found the projects, I repeat we...", I heard before G-Dub shot him. In minutes, the soldiers were all dead as G-Dub had his gun pointed at me.

"Whoa dude, take it easy", I said as the smoke around him faded and I heard him say, "Sorry Man, I get like that sometimes, how's the Commander?", he asked.

"Herbs and D-Dub took her to that tree over there, she's doing okay", I said.

"Do you understand now? Whoever's in charge of all this got this place bugged and we're just in it for as long as he want us here", G-Dub said as we walked to the tree.

"But G...I can't do that to her, man...she's just as much part of this family as you are", I said.

We neared the tree as the Commander was standing, her bleeding shoulder was cleared as they all stared at us in awe.

"I saw you get shot twenty-eight times and not die", Herbs said.

"It's from being around D-Dub too long", I joked as I looked at the Commander, "You okay?".

She shook her head before quickly covering up her shoulder as if hiding something.

"What's this?", D-Dub asked as we went to her.

The Commander backed away from us.

"What's the problem?", Herbs asked as the Commander backed away even more.

G-Dub appeared behind her and held her as she shouted "DON'T DO THIS, PLEASE!".

"We gotta see the wound, now hold still!", Herbs said as the Commander shook viciously despite being held.

"I don't want you to see this!", she shouted.

Herbs pulled up her sleeve and on her shoulder was a glowing cut, but what was bewildering was the fact it was glowing from the inside, almost as if she was on fire from the inside.

"You're one of the firestarters", G-Dub said as she stared in horror as the cut seem to grow.

"Devon, see if you can quell this!", I shouted as the Commander quietly screamed at what we all witnessed.