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The Group: Rescue (Pt. 4)
Swandive Flip
the_manneh wrote in mannysstories

Standing in front of me was G-Dub, with a gas mask on, mud on his body and unkept dreaded hair.

"Dude, we came to get you out of here", Herbs said, getting back up.

"Yeah, now where's Reesy?", I asked.

G shook his head.

"She isn't dead, is she?", I said, ignoring D-Dub's glare at me.

G shook his head, "She might as well be, I saw her get carried into the building the same time I did, but...", he started to say.

"Well, let's just hurry up and get her the f-ck out", I said, interrupting him.

"Man! Let's just go before they get y'all too", he said, shutting me off.

"I'm not getting out of here until I get both you and her", I said.

"Man! Listen! at one time, these guys experimented on each and every one of us, calling us "Projects" and drugging us even before the infiltration that split us up in the first place...There's guys like "Project Juggernaut" or as they also call it "Project Nothing" as well as "Project HeadCase" and the two "Fire Starters" among many others...they are willing to take down any failed projects and bro...We are some of those failures", he said.

"But if we leave, Reesy's gonna be in danger too", I said.

"Trust me, she's going to be fine", G-Dub said.

"I'm not gonna take that chance", I said as Herbs stood in front of me, "Get outta my way, big man, I'm on a rescue mission".

"He could be right, Man, we're on their turf, they could kill us over easy", he said.

"You agreeing with this, what happened to "no one gets left behind" or am I the only person that believes this?", I asked as D-Dub and the Commander stared at me.

"Man, there's a good chance that she could be dead", the Commander told me.

"Then I'd love to know that for myself", I said as G-Dub appeared in front of me with Herbs as I turned around only to see him every time I turn, almost as if he was phasing in front of me.

"How are you doing that?", Commander asked.

"Not sure how they did it, but I can move really, really fast now", G-Dub said, "but it hurts my chest", he said, rubbing beneath his sternum.

"We just can't leave her here, what if she's in some real danger?", I asked as D-Dub walked to me.

"Alright Man, if you really want to know what's up with Reesy, we'll check out the area where I was at, but I'm letting you know, you're not gonna like it too much", he said.

"Not gonna like what?", a voice said behind us as we each turned around to see a group of heavily armed soldiers behind us aiming their firearms at the ready.