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The Group: Rescue (Pt . 3)
Swandive Flip
the_manneh wrote in mannysstories

"You're out of your damn mind, Sellers", I said to myself as I fell through the skies.

Before I knew it, a missile was headed straight for me as I closed my eyes and prepared for the worst. If I'm crazy enough to jump out of a car controlled by a psychokinetic mental patient onto an island full of people that want to kill me and my friends due to some random super soldier drugging conspiracy. Then there's no reason to regret a damn thing now.

The missile crashed into me and as I assumed that this was the end, what I didn't know was that all it did was singe my clothes and gave me a warming feeling. How the hell did I not die? I saw another one coming for me as I grabbed the missile before finding myself riding the missile into another one as I saw the car fly right on side of me before I maneuvered myself back into it.

"How in the hell are you not dead?", Commander asked me.

I shrugged as the island got closer and closer to us before we landed in a jungle where an alarm sounded.

As we each got out the car, we noticed a big dent on it as the Commander groaned, "Jack's gonna be mad", she said as the car disappeared.

"Did you do that?" I asked D-Dub as she shook her head.

The alarm sounded and lights flashed throughout the jungle and there was sounds of "they're here in the jungle, I was told that Project Nothing is here as well as Project Knowledge and the two Thermals", one soldier asked as one of the voices started to sound closer.

I kept my mouth closed as me, Herbs, Commander and D-Dub crouched next to some nearby trees, "Did you hear something?", one of the soldiers said as they headed into our direction. My heart was beating fast, I could have taken these guys out but I saw the Commander shake her head.

Soon, I heard a clicking sound from a distance.

"What's that?", one of the soldiers said as I heard a gunshot and saw one of the soldiers fall to the ground.

"Who's there!? Project Om...", the second soldier said as a figure quickly went behind him and cracked his neck.

The figure faded out of site before I felt something tap my shoulder before turning around.

Behind me stood an unkept young man, two inches taller with me with long thick dreadlocks hanging past his shoulders with a sniper rifle hanging from his right shoulder and a gas mask on similar to what the soldiers were wearing. "What are you guys doing here?", the man asked.

"Wait a second....G?", I asked as D-Dub, Herbs and the Commander each stared at him.

He took off his gas mask and gave a smirk, "I said what the hell are y'all doing here?", he said as we were all temporarily relieved to know that he was alive.