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The Group: Rescue (Pt. 1)
Swandive Flip
the_manneh wrote in mannysstories
As I entered NTB's place with the Commander, D-Dub and Jack...all I could do was remember back when all of us were back at the old platoon.

I missed those days.

(Yup, it's a flashback chapter, has almost nothing to do with the actual story...or does it?)
"Man, I can't believe I'm doing this to you, but you have a choice. You can either get court martial'd, or you can face demotion, your choice", I heard Lt. Mills say.

I knew what I had to do so I chose to get demoted, I could go back up to the rank of Corporal whenever. What I didn't know was that they'd put me in some hole-in-the-wall offsite base with some ragtag group of other misfits. I guess this is where you go when you mess up...I'm assuming it's something like an on base prison with some actual rights. Either way, I was here and it wasn't before long before I got my first test.

She went by "Reesy" and she was apparently the tough guy around here assuming she punched me right in the face as soon as I got in.

Normally, I don't hit females, it's not in my nature, but this was the military...

"Whoa, whoa whoa, what you doing!? You wanna get killed?", I heard a voice say before I felt something pounce me into the ground, "Chill out Reesy, he's new", the guy said as a shorter woman walked towards me, the guy that pounced me was a big guy. We're talkin' a good 6'1, almost 300 pound kinda big.

"I could-a taken her, y'know", I said, dusting myself off as I heard a "WHAT!?" in the distance.

"Mr. Sellers?", the shorter woman said.


"I'm Commander Jellz and I'd like to welcome you", she said with a kind smile.

"Sorry to sound unappreciative, but that ostrich already welcomed me earlier", I said as two other guys walked out of their rooms to see who I was.

"Don't worry, she's not usually like this, she's just mad because Devon had to leave for her weekly mental evaluation", the shorter woman said, "But while you're here, you can be escorted around by Herbert, Nikoil and Gavin, they'll help you out with whatever you need to know".

"Yeah man, we're gonna go play some games in a few over at D.R.'s place", Gavin said, he was a bespectacled, light skinned guy that was a good few inches taller than I was. The other guy, Nikoil, had a muscular frame roughly the same height as Herbert, something about the way he looked just made me shiver before he gave off a smirk.

Sure as hell glad that it was that Reesy chick that punched me instead of him.

"Yeah man, that's Devon's girl, you don't fuck with Reesy while Devon's gone", Herbert said.

"Why not, this Devon guy tough or something?", I asked

"Devon always carry a gun on her", Gavin said.

"So I'll just take Reesy when she ain't got a gun", I said.

"Devon's the one with the gun", Herbert said.

"Devon's a girl?", I asked, " Either way, what's with this mental evaluation shit, anyway?"

"We all have to undergo mental evaluation while we're here, a lot of us are looked at as "too insane to be returned to society" or some shit like that, either way, they give us a lot of freedom", Herbert said.

Nikoil still said nothing as we went further into the base and approached a camp with loud music booming outside of it, "looks like D.R.'s awake", Herbs said as he opened the door only to see a dark skinned guy (that blended in well with the dark room he was in) sitting cross legged in a corner with a laptop screen shining from his face with headphones on.

"Hey D, what's up, bruh?", Herbert said as the guy took off his headphones and stood up.

"Who's the new guy?", he said, not looking up once.

"Private Manuel Sellers", I said.

This guy wasn't much taller than me as he looked at me, squinted his eyes and walked to his room, "So I got that new Olah Ree'ch, it's pretty good", he said, almost as if I didn't existed. Nikoil, Gavin and Herbert each walked into the next room and when I went in, it looked like something I haven't seen before.

Pictures of pin-up girls on the walls, a lot of food on one side of his room and a lot of technological gadgets and gizmos on the other side and on the floor, nothing but magazines and books.

"I heard that Olah Ree'ch wasn't nearly as good as Olah Tres, though", Gavin said as a horn blew in the distance.

"Looks like Devon's back", Nikoil said as D. R. turned on the game as I watched the four of them played.

It wasn't before long before I started to get used to everyone, from Reesy's temper to Herb's girl-craziness to Gavin's competitive streak. It seemed like we all had some kinda mental issues but we all got along just fine with our adventures (coming soon, Bunkee Chronicles), hell, but what seemed odd was the weekly mental evaluation we had to deal with.

They wouldn't ask us any questions that had any psychological value...it'd be strictly physical ranging from things like basic activity to eating habits to weight gain and weight loss...I rarely had any questions dealing with any past trauma or anything like that.

And now that I think about it..these guys looked very familiar.
"Man!..MAN!", NTB said to me.

"what, what?"

"Damn bruh, you spacin' out on us kinda hard!", Lafayette said on his way out the door.

"You leavin', bruh?", NTB asked.

"Yeah, I got a show to do kinda early tomorrow", he said as he was out the door.

I spaced out so hard that I wasn't even paying attention to what they were all saying and looks like Leila was out for the night.

"Looks like he won't be back for a lil' bit, but there's a reason why I brought you over here, Herbert", NTB said, "And it has something to do with Man over there", he said.

"I'm gonna need your help in order to get G-Dub and Reesy", I said.

"What's wrong?", Herbs said, getting right to his feet.

"Cool your jets, hotshot, that's the thing, we don't know where they are..", I started to say.

"Yeah we do!", Commander said as she tapped away on NTB's laptop (with his approval of course), "They're right there!", she said, pointing on an awkward diagram on his computer of what looked like a small island.

Something about that frame looked familiar as I looked for a name of it.