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Story 1: The Group
Swandive Flip
the_manneh wrote in mannysstories
I woke up one day enrolled into this war.

It started so long ago and it seemed like only yesterday I was one of the fresh faces in Boot Camp, I don't think anyone knew each other but weeks into actual training, we were required to watch each other's backs. It was difficult but I found solace in my platoon, despite our togetherness, I had a hard time remembering their names.

NTB had a wife and son back at home, he was planning to go back home and learn every fighting style he could so he could teach his kid. I never got his real name, don't really look like the kinda guy that's willing to tell me it at the drop of a hat either.

Herbs was hoping to come back a war hero for the wrong reasons it seemed like, I called him herbs because he used to cook a lot back where he was and use actual herbs and spices, like the rest of the platoon, I never got his name.

G-Dub was in another platoon before joining ours, his sniping skills were seemingly unmatched.

D-Dub was rumored to have a vicious streak once she starts killing, unlike the other "dub", she was the type to bust caps up close, she almost always had a gun on her...you gonna tell her to put it down?

Reesy stayed to herself after some issue with Dior, no one ever messed with her, I was new so I didn't ask questions.

Dior was one of my brothers and Commander Jellz was like a sister to me.

We were collectively known as "the group" and it was like that for a while as we were getting dispatched into the battlefield.

As mentioned earlier, Jellz was the commanding officer, but with all of us together, you'd never guess.

"G! Find a vantage point and make sure nothing touches me! Dior, Man, you're with me!", Jellz commanded.

We were at war, Reesy disappeared and NTB and Herbs were already up ahead, leaving nothing but bodies in their wake as me and Dior took turns taking down hostiles. Jellz wasn't as good with a gun as me and Dior but when it came to Tech, she was particular in how she wanted things done. She was smart too so she had the entire area mapped out and made the tactics damn near foolproof, all we had to do was make sure she stays alive until she got to the main power station.

"You got some hostiles headed for ya from the west flank, Man", NTB said through the communicative devices.

"There's a wall west of us, bro!", I said.

"Man, just trust me and move out of the way of that wall"

"G's offering cover fire, we're going to be f...", I started to say.

Soon, Dior pushed me forward as I pushed Jellz forward and not before long, there was a loud "BOOM" which resulted in a huge hole flooding with hostiles that me and Dior mowed down.

"G! Where's that damn cover fire!", Jellz shouted to almost no answer before a static "I got it!" was posted right back.

"That didn't sound like G", I said as Dior told me to shut up and keep firing.

Before we knew it, we were outnumbered and my trigger finger started to cramp up as I took my sidearm and started to shoot as many heads as I could find, "NTB! Herbs! where y'all at!?", I shouted through the communicator.

"We got our own problems!", Herbs said before I felt a sharp pain in my chest.

Dior and Jellz went up ahead as my vision started to fade.

Soon, I heard a familiar voice scream out my name as I saw an image fade before me of hostiles falling left and right and D-Dub approaching me before falling.