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The Group: Reassembling (Pt. 10)
Swandive Flip
the_manneh wrote in mannysstories
The pasture was turning into a forest and before long the sky turned black.

"So what's with the mental powers, D?"

"I've always had these abilities", she said, "after the infiltration, I got kidnapped, G and Dior fought hard to make sure I didn't get committed, G being the militant and Dior trying to use his diplomacy approach...either way, after your apparent death, Man. I was given medicine that'd give me really bad headaches but also awaken my inquisitive side, I saw myself being intrigued by the thoughts of philosophers and scholars all throughout history. It wasn't before long before I graduated from the "school" in the hospital and saw myself working as part of it and then..", she said before pausing.


"The headaches got worse and I found myself going to a hospital that was practically unlisted by all accounts, I woke up a week later only for them to tell me I had a brain tumor and I'll suffer from delusions that I could control things with my mind. They told me that as long as I take these meds", she said, taking out some orange and blue tablets, "the delusions will go away"

As she took her hand out to show me the tablets, I noticed a mark on her elbow.

"One day, I decided to experiment on myself and go a few days without taking the medicine, I didn't feel any different but it made me realize that the apparent "delusions" of me controlling things with my mind were not delusions and I found myself being under heavy watch and even heavier restraint after I managed to unlock my door on accident", she said.

"Yeah, we did have to sign a bunch of paperwork to see you before all that madness earlier", Jack said.

"I heard them say something about exterminating the failures and I don't know how but I saw a diagram of our platoon number...I think we're in deeper than we realized with this", she said, looking at me.

"You might be right", Commander said, "There's word that G-Dub and Reesy are being experimented on as we speak, and we gotta help them", she said, "No one deserves to die like that", she said.

D-Dub looked at me with a scowl as I thought, "where's your gun?" in my head.

She pulled out her gun, cocked it and put it back on her person.

"A mind reader too, you serious!?", I said out loud as she gave a nod.

"It's at random, it's not like I can choose when I want to do this stuff, it just happen", she said.

"Well, I hope you can do something right now, because I'm going empty over here", Jack said.

D-Dub smiled and before we knew it, the car was flying again as we headed back in city limits right in front of NTB's place.

"Where's Dior, he didn't want to come with you?", D-Dub asked.

"Yeah", Commander said as we knocked on NTB's door.

The sounds of guys arguing and talking filled the air as NTB opened the door to reveal he wasn't the only one home.

Right in the front room was his wife, Lafayette and a grinning Herbs.

"I KNEW IT! Herbs, man, what the hell are you doing back in the states!?", I said as we all reunited.