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The Group: Reassembling (Pt. 9)
Swandive Flip
the_manneh wrote in mannysstories
"D-Dub! what the hell!?", I shouted as the car floated in the air.

We all stared at her as she continued to hold her head, "Guys! Be quiet! I can't concentrate!", she shouted as the car started to stumble, the clouds outside stopped moving and I felt my stomach turn up.

"Uh oh"

"Uh oh? what you mean "uh oh"?", Jack said.

I pointed out the window and made him see how the ground was closing in on us, We were falling!

Out of pure insanity and severe apathy (plus, to this day, I still don't know what I was thinking), I jumped out the falling car and began to grab onto it as we started to fall at a drastic rate.

I could hear everyone shouting my name as I got under the car and continued to grab onto it as it fell.

In moments, my feet were inches from the ground as I looked around and noticed our surroundings. Nothing but green hills and pastures, seemed like we were in the middle of a farm or something.

I continued to float before I felt my feet touch the ground as I held the car over my head.

"Who 'da hell i'that on my yerd!?", I heard as I looked around, far off into the distance was a conveniently placed farm with a barefoot very big, very angry looking man wearing suspenders walking outside with a really big shotgun.

I felt a fly bump against my skin as I picked it up and realized it was a bullet...it didn't hurt and I think it broke on contact.

The man stared at me (still holding the car over my head) fearfully as I began to ask him where we were. He ran back inside with a "I'm calling the freakin' police!" as I dropped the car, got in and told Jack to stomp it.

"What was that earlier?", Jack asked.

"I saw that the car was going to have a clear landing and I wanted to make sure that the car was still wheels down for it, y'know...instead of the car spinning and..", I started to say.

"I mean, how the hell did you pick up my car!?", he shouted.

"I'm not sure", I said, looking at my arm, whatever this mark meant, I can easily say I got some kinda superpower or something.

"And you!", he said, addressing D-Dub, "what the hell is up with you and the head thing, you got some kinda Jean Grey shit goin' on?".

"Yeah, Devon, what's the problem?", Commander said (the first thing she said in a while, other than freakin' out in the car during the fall) to no answer.

"Well, someone better start saying something before one-a y'all start spewing firebreath!", Jack said, driving through a road that seemed to be surrounded by nothing but forest.