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The Group: Reassembling (Pt. 8)
Swandive Flip
the_manneh wrote in mannysstories
With Dior gone, we could pack lighter...I didn't understand his problem with saving our friends as we went to the mental health facility where D-Dub was held up.

"Guys, I thought I saw Herbs earlier!", I said, shouting.

"Don't worry, we'll see him again, I'm kinda on a roll right now", The Commander said, focusing really hard on the road.

"We could just stop right here and...", I started to say


"Jeez, you'd think she had a hard time driving or something", I said to myself as Jack gave me a look.

We approached the hospital and did our basic procedure before going to the visiting room to see how she was doing. The last time we visited, she seemed calm. Now, she seemed a little jittery and almost too happy to see us as she sat down and waited for the men to leave.

"They pissed you off, D?", I asked.

"Guys, you gotta get me out of here", she said.

"It's that bad, huh?", Jack said.

"It's not that, I don't know what it is, but I have to get out of here, quick", she said before whispering "I've been able to do things", she said, looking at us with a minor fear as the table started to shake, "oh no, it's happening again!", she said as the table we were on shot upwards, hitting me in the chin (didn't hurt) before hitting the ceiling before falling back down. I grabbed it before it could fall on the Commander as Jack stood there in awe at the fact that I was holding this table with one hand by one of it's legs like a battle axe.

"She's unstable, bring her back in!", one of the men outside said as they went back in the room with restraints.

"Get away from me!", D-Dub said as the two men (big guys by the way) flew backwards to the wall before getting knocked unconscious.

Jack and the Commander looked at us as if we just launched a table in the air, caught it and launched two really big guys against a wall, "Well, what are you guys looking at?", I said as the door flew open and I ran out.

The alarm sounded as we ran out of the facility, followed by other patients that each got caught and restrained as the doors in front of us automatically opened. One door didn't seem to open as we seem to have lost them.

"We're trapped!"

"Not for long!", I said as I ran right into the door, leaving a big hole in it as I saw the car.

Me, D-Dub, Jack and the Commander each got in the car as Jack took the wheel.

"Jack, what are you doing, this is the Commander's car!", I said.

"No it ain't, bitch! This is my car!", he said as we all got in, missing the big guys by a few feet as we sped down the highway.

D-Dub groaned and moaned and before we knew it, I was looking at clouds and ducks in the window.

The car was freakin' flying, man.