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The Group: Reassembling (Pt. 7)
Swandive Flip
the_manneh wrote in mannysstories
We realized that getting to the experimental facility where G-Dub and Reesy may be held up would be hard to get to but considering our nice little finances from being part of the military, we had a way of getting there.

Dior seemed uneasy about this whole thing, but I didn't bother to talk to him about it.

"So you mean to tell me that you were the murderer from last night?", The Commander asked me.

"More like self defense", I said lowly, "The fuck was trying to kill me-".

"I don't want to go", Dior said.


"I said, I don't want to go", Dior repeated.

"But D-"

"Since we met up, it's been all "war" this and "war" that, I told you that I'm not a soldier anymore but you keep trying to put us back into that!", Dior said, "I don't know what kinda sick pleasure you get out of putting us back in that, but I'm not gonna satisfy it", he said.

"Dude, these are not just some soldiers that we bunked with before the infiltration, these are our friends", I said, "and besides, who's to say that one of us couldn't be next, for all you know, this could just be one big warning".

"Count me out, I said I'm done and I meant it", he said as he began to leave.

"And you, Commander?", I asked.

She said nothing.

"NTB?", I said.

NTB also said nothing.

Dior walked out as Jack looked at us, "Seems like you're going by yourself", he said.

"Yeah, seems like it, don't it", I said as I began to leave.

"Man", The Commander piped.

"Yes ma'am"

"I've been with you for this long, we can't stop now", she said as NTB stayed put.

"I can understand why you can't go, but we will keep ya posted", I said as we left his place and went to Jack's car.

"Where we headed now?", he asked.

"To Merciful Arms, we gotta let D-Dub know where we're going", I said.

As we neared a stoplight, I heard an argument between a woman and a man, the woman was screaming in Spanish as the man seemed to yell back in english (he seemed to be understanding her)

"Bese mi culo pendejo!"

"Don't be talkin' to me like that! I help put your ass in here!"


"I ain't stupid!"

The argument continued until the two people began to show themselves, it was a beautiful mexican woman with a slightly burly black man with braids.

I glanced over and saw another familiar face.

"Commander! it's Herbs!", I shouted as I rolled the window down.

"HERBS!", I said as the light turned green, the man turned to look at me as we left.