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The Group: Reassembling (Pt. 6)
Swandive Flip
the_manneh wrote in mannysstories
"I can't believe all that happened last night", I said, recollecting on the events that happened after leaving NTB's the day before while preparing to open the door before my brother walked me out the door.

I called the Commander and Dior to head over to NTB's place, Jack included himself into the visit as I prepared to head out.

"So, what's that stuff on your arm?", he asked.

"It's a mark that I was branded with during the war", I lied.

"What was so hard about saying that last night?", he asked

I gave him a look.

"That bad, huh?", he asked as I nodded and left outside.

"The cops are really hostile about that murder last night, you may wanna stay on your toes", he said as I nodded and walked out.

I walked to NTB's place (not too far from where I was) as the sound of sirens filled the neighborhoods nearby.


No answer.

"NTB!", I knocked again.

No answer.

I called his phone realizing I should have done this sooner.


"I'm outside your front door"

"Sorry Man, I was asleep, and so is the family...so keep your voice down"

I soon heard footsteps echoing through their apparently empty home as he opened the door.

He opened the door, still towering over me, wearing his night clothes.

"Hurry up and get inside, Man! There's a murderer out here", he said, jokingly.

I walked in, "Shit, if some murderer think they brave enough to come through here, they'd better hope I don't see 'em", he said as he closed the door.

"You already know why I'm here", I said, not wasting any time.

"G-Dub and Reesy, right?", he said as I nodded.

"I can't tell you too much, I don't know it all, but there's a website about the conspiracy called 'gov seekrets dot com' and apparently they hold everything", he said.

"And you think they may be onto something?", I said, remembering the white room with the guys wearing lab coats.

NTB shrugged, taking out his laptop and showing me the site, as I checked it, I read up on things like alien studies, political scandals featuring celebrity satannic ritual sacrifices and other things until I found military secrets and the "real reason" behind the war in Ullasina so long ago. I also saw something that made me very nervous as there was a mark similar to the one on my arm on their website.

I stood up and began to walk outside.

"You alright, Man?", he said as I lifted up my sleeve to show him the mark.

"You know the murder that's been spreading around?", I asked as he nodded, "I did it", I said as I put my sleeve back down.

"So it's not just some conspiracy"

"Apparently not, some punk tried to rob me last night and I took him down, but it was...different, I was hit by a car and apparently was capable to elude the police", I said as the door opened and in arrived Dior, Jack and The Commander. "We got your call, what's up?", Jack said, as they arrived.

"We gotta get G-Dub and Reesy", I said.