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The Group: Reassembling (Pt. 5)
Swandive Flip
the_manneh wrote in mannysstories
As I sat in the dumpster, hoping I eluded the police and everything else, my phone popped up to show Jack's number (good thing I had it on "shut the hell up" mode), "God, I wonder how everyone else is doing".


(Aw yeah, time for some recappage)

Far away in a desolate location, scientists gathered around a man restricted inside of a box, "Omnibus, are you ready for your test?", a doctor asked the man as the box rattled, shook and fell over.

"The moment you open that restraint, I'm going to punch the fuck outta you", he shouted as the scientists ran away from the area before letting him out.

In a flash, one of the scientists was throttled as he punched rapidly at the victim's face before getting shocked.

"Control yourself, Omnibus!", one of the scientist said with a button, activating the shock bracelets that were on his wrists, neck and ankles.

"I'm sick of controlling myself! I'm sick of being here! I'm sick of tests! and you know what", he said to everyone's surprise as he struggled to his feet.

The volts of electricity began to turn florescent before being absorbed into him, "I'm getting mighty sick of being called Project OMNIBUS", he said as his eyes flickered, he turned the same color as the lightning that surged into him as he pulled off the restraints.

"Sir, he's free! What do we do", the scientists panicked as one of them took a gun and prepared to shoot before realizing the man quickly stood inches away from the gun.

"Whachagondowidat? (what are you going to do with that)", he said before touching the man, electrocuting him and taking away the gun, shooting the rest of the assailants directly in the head before running through some invisible doors that opened up for him.

It wasn't before long before an alarm sounded as the man left out.

"Keep a lookout for Project Omnibus! make sure he doesn't leave the island!", an announcing speaker said.

"My name is Gavin Garracks...But I like to be called G-Dub", he said to himself as he ran through the island.


I poked my head out of the trash can, the heat seemed like it was off as I ran back home. My mom looked at me as if I just came back from a shootout, "Where the hell you been, boy!?", she said, hysterically.

"Mom, I..", I began.

"I don't care, get in your room! stay there!", she said.

She didn't really say that, she actually lectured me, but it's too long to remember.

I went to my room with my brother knocking on the door, "where were you at?", he asked me.

"I went for a walk after meeting an old war buddy"

"Well, mom was worried, she kept asking me where you were, like I knew where the hell you were"

"What's your point, Phill?"

"Someone got killed like a few hours ago at the corner of Boro and Wethers street, severe head trauma, there was high alert on that part of the city"


"So, mom thought you were gonna get killed by him"

"Well, nothing happened and I'm here, so there's nothing to worry about", I said.

"What's that?", he said, looking at my arm.

"nothing, night!", I said defensively as I went to sleep.