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The Group: Reassembling (Pt. 3)
Swandive Flip
the_manneh wrote in mannysstories
NTB gained a couple of pounds since the infiltration since he was around my size starting off. Lafayette met us after his stand-up. A bespectacled big guy with a cigarette, I extended my hand, "B's told me alot about you, even the part where they all thought you died", he said.

This guy obviously didn't cut corners well.

"Yeah, apparently, I just received shrapnel damage that pierced me through here", I lied as I pointed below my sternum.

"You know, Devon had to get admitted because of that, huh?", NTB said.


"D-Dub", Dior growled, "You didn't know her name was Devon?".

I shook my head, despite us living with each other as long as we did, I chose to not get too close to everyone, hence the nicknames, "Just slipped my mind, that's all".

Lafayette made a few jokes about being on the road for his stand up routine and how no matter where you go, the food is always better at home because the other people sucked at cooking. We laughed for a little bit as Lafayette asked us what it was like being in the infiltration. We each got silent.

"Well, it's...pretty bad, bruh", I said, "It's like being in a really dirty city except instead of flies, you see bullets just flying past you".

Commander said nothing as Dior just shook his head.

"Damn, that bad, huh?", Lafayette said, as we all nodded.

NTB's phone rung as he answered it and in a few minutes he stood up, "Aw well, hey Lafayette, I'm bout to go, my son needs some stuff", NTB said as Lafayette looked as if ready to speak, "Don't worry, I'll have the game on when you get there, I gotta get a couple more rounds in from Alpha anyway", he said as he prepared to leave, "You guys welcome to come too, Lafayette knows how to get there", he said.

"We'll be right behind you", I said as I stood up.

Jack was nowhere to be found before he surprised everyone by walking to us from the bar, "Where we goin?".

"headed over to NTB's", I said.

"Well, y'all have a good time, I'm gonna see what I can get over here", he said.

"You have our numbers, right?", I asked in an older brother kind of tone.

Jack waved us off as he went back to the bar before going onto the dance floor with a guy being very close to him, "must be the liquor", I said as we each got ready to leave.

On the way to NTB's place, Lafayette spoke to me about things that NTB apparently told him about us, even the story about Bunkee when we left Reesy in the Jungle, right down to the time where we all (save for D-Dub, Commander and NTB) all slept in the jungle after D-Dub's rampage. We recollected on those times as we approached NTB's home.

Lafayette knocked on the door as we heard NTB's voice through the other side "It's open!".

As we entered the door, I learned something new about my former war buddy, this dude had virtually every video game system from the firstgen to current...I was so awestruck that I didn't hear his wife shouting at me to move out the way while she was watching TV. I eventually did after getting something thrown at me.

"Alright y'all, this is my wife, Leila and my son, Javon", he said, formally introducing me to a woman that at a glance looked a lot younger than she made herself out to be. Javon was slightly taller than most children I've seen, but after seeing Leila tower over me just a bit, I could see how that's possible.

The Commander stared at the systems beaming with anticipation as NTB noticed, "you wanna play?", he said as the Commander gave a minimally hyperactive nod, "well, go ahead, have some fun", he said as she gave a gasp before trekking through the games like an overexcited kid through a candy store.

NTB motioned to me and Dior to see him outside.

"Where y'all going?", Lafayette said, playing a fighting game with the Commander as NTB told them that we just needed to talk before going outside. As we went outside, Dior punched me in the shoulder.

"Dude, what the hell!?"

"Sorry, habit"

"Look, Do you guys know about the upcoming Ulgos invasion?"

We both nodded, "There's been word about it in the news for quite some time now, I'm assuming we're fine though, there's been no sign of proof", he said.

"Have you guys been able to keep up with the others?"

"Unfortunately, no...G-Dub and Reesy faded from the earth and Herbs is under the radar"

"Yeah, there was word that during the Ulgos infiltration, there was some people testing some kind of stuff on the soldiers, stuff that was supposed to help them "become better soldiers", some "super soldier" stuff to get rid of the Ulgos"


"Do you even know why we infiltrated the Ulgos in the first place?", NTB said.

I shook my head, all I remember was being put in camos and being told to go with god.

"The bulk of the apparent serum was in their vicinity, I think that whoever was in charge of the "super soldier" stuff wanted easy access to that element that just happened to be place where they were", he said, "and the Ulgos practically said they weren't gonna be moved so easily".

"That's bullshit", Dior said, "Just some conspiracy theory bs that people thought would be funny to post on the internet"

"I'm not sure, bruh, that could be true, but why you bringing that up?", I said.

"I think that's what happened to Reesy and G-Dub", he said, "I think that they may have been taken", he said as Dior went back inside.

"Not a word to her, okay", he said as he went back inside.

I walked back inside but not before looking at the mark on my arm, it didn't hurt or anything, but if NTB's logic was correct, I may have met the person that he's talking about first hand.

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