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The Group: Reassembling (Pt. 2)
Swandive Flip
the_manneh wrote in mannysstories
"Yeah man, I bumped into Annie a while back and she told me to give you a call, to be honest, I thought you were dead, bruh", he told me over the phone.

"A while back?"

"Yeah, like a few days ago", he said, "Man, you there?"

I paused for a moment and looked at my arm.

"Either way, Lafayette's doing his stand up act in the Blue Room and he wanted to meet you, so if you're not busy, you think you can come by and show him some support?"

I looked at my arm while he spoke.

"Man, you there?"

"Yeah, I'm here, when is it?"

"It's going to be in a few hours, like around eight or something", he said as the sound of his son crying boomed behind him, "I'll see you later, I gotta go be a father", he said, "Leila!", I heard him say as the phone hung up.

I've been out for a while.

I prepared myself to go out as I told my mom and brother what was up, "I'm headin' out, y'all", I said as my brother told me to come back with a couple of girls as my mom told him to shut up.

I called the Commander up.

"Hello", Jack said, answering the phone.

"Jack, is the Commander there?"


"Because I need a ride"

"Where we going?"

"Jack, I'm going to the Blue Room"

"I'll let her know, see you later"

I heard the click of the phone hang up as I left out and walked outside. I looked at the mark on my arm, things just didn't add up, the people in white, the tranq darts, the mark on my arm, what did it all mean.

"Man! Hurry up and get in this damn car!", I heard as a honk bellowed from the Commander's car with Jack, Dior and the Commander inside, with Jack in the driver's seat.

I got in the car as we headed down the road into the downtown area, "I take it Benson called you?", she said.

"Yeah, hey Commander, when did you see NTB?", I asked.

"I saw him like 5 days ago, I just bumped into Leila at the supermarket and he just happened to be there at the time, we got into conversation and I gave him your number, he told me that he thought you were dead from the infiltration but apparently that's not the case", she said.

"Did you tell him about my plan to get everyone back together?"

She shook her head, "I told you, I'm not part of it"

Dior said nothing as he looked out the window. Soon we were in front of a club with blue neon letters spelling out "Za' Bloo Room" in fancy yet cheesy cursive writing. In front of the club were people that looked to either be getting into the club or getting thrown out. I approached the front door as a slghtly bigger gentleman stopped me, "Whoa whoa, you're not getting in here", he said.

"What's the problem? Tyrell, that you?!", Jack said as the man looked down, "You never called, boy, I thought you were gonna...", he started to say before Tyrell shushed him, letting us each in quickly with an embarrassed look on his face.

"What was that about?"

"Don't worry about it", Jack said as we walked into the club.

The club was chock full of people as the bar was right next to the front door, it was dim with a nice spotlight on the stage as I heard a familiar voice shout out to me, "Man! Annie! Dior!", he said, motioning us to go to him.

We began to sit down in the area and listen to Lafayette's stand up (very funny by the way) as the crowd cheered for him after the show was over. He went to our table and told us that he was going to be right out as we hung out and waited for him.

Whatever was on my arm could wait, I haven't seen him since the infilitration.