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The Group Pt. 8
Swandive Flip
the_manneh wrote in mannysstories
I walked through the city, recollecting my thoughts, there could be a war going on in a matter of moments and the group, was still distant.

D-Dub's mental.

Dior's mad at me.

The Commander's gone awry.

and no word from NTB, G-Dub, Herbs or Reesy.

I'm really starting to think that this war may already be lost.

It wasn't until I crossed my fifth street light before I heard a sound behind me, I grabbed my gun and prepared for a stickup as I turned around only to see a black cat running off.


I was still on edge though, like something was following me, I saw myself looking over my shoulder a lot.

Soon, I felt something pierce me as I started to get dizzy, whatever I was undergoing got me blacking out quick...