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The Group Pt. 6
Swandive Flip
the_manneh wrote in mannysstories
It seemed like only yesterday that we were back in that abandoned city, I can still feel the bullet going through my stomach, sometimes I wonder how I survived it, "Man!", I heard my mom say while knocking at my door awning.


"Someone's at the door for you"

I stirred a bit but woke myself up and put on pajama pants as I checked the door to see the Commander with a very reluctant Dior and Jack, "dude, you think you can put on some clothes", Dior said with a look as if saying "I don't want to be here".

In moments, I found myself in the Commander's car as we went up the road and into the busier part of town, "So what did you guys need for me to know about?".

"We're going to go visit her", Dior said.

"Wow, so you're finally ready to protect yourself, eh, Dior?", I said.

"My name's not fuckin' Dior, it's Derek, Derek Rivers...the nickname was supposed to be D.R. but no one ever gets it", he snapped back.

"He's just mad because you're coming", Jack said.

"Don't remind me", I said as Jack looked out the winded down window.

"It doesn't make any sense for the man that put her in that condition to just come and visit her", he said as we neared the institution.

It was nice, the waiting room had a nice flat screen tv tuned to a show about a visit to the ER (although if you think about it, that's like a big joke in itself), I sat down and watched the program as the Commander made her reservation, in a few minutes, I was told to get up as we entered through double doors which led to the outside on a path which led to a slightly smaller building housing the "patients".

I've been in places like this before but nothing ever this...swanky, the hallway had plastic pillars with pictures of people who I can assume were either workers or patients here. Either way, we went into another set of double doors (that required a card from the worker to open) and soon, we were in a gigantic room with people who were either watching TV, socializing or sleeping on a couch, it seemed more like a monitored nightclub than a mental health facility. "She just left group therapy, she'll be right with you", the aide said as she led us to a room with a table and three chairs, I volunteered to stand up behind Di..-ahem- Derek and The Commander. Jack reluctantly stood nearby.

Through the doors was a very silent but complacent D-Dub. Her hair was longer and she was in scrubs as her head was held down during her entrance and as she sat down, opposite of us. She lifted her head to show a very calm and relaxed expression before her eyes widened at me.

"Hey D-", I began to say before she jumped up and grabbed under her chair, pointing a toy gun at me as Jack crouched quickly. I stood there, my reaction time dwindled since the war as a dart hit me square in the chest.

"D!", Commander and Derek said to each other as for a moment, everything stood still.

"Man?", she said as she looked at me, "You're alive?", she asked as I nodded.

"I wouldn't have been if that was a real gun", I said with a smile.

"But what about...", she asked, noticing that neither Herbs, Reesy, NTB or G-Dub weren't with us.

"Well...", I started to say, preparing to give her the explanation of everyone else.