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The Group Pt. 5
Swandive Flip
the_manneh wrote in mannysstories
I managed to keep up with Dior as he turned around and gave me a look, "You can get as persistent as you want but I'm not telling you anything", he said as he opened the door to what seemed like his place.

"C'mon man, I just want to know what happened to everyone, it's not like I wanted to get shot, you were there when it happened, we got flooded man", I said.

He glared at me.

Commander stood behind, "Man, we all thought you were dead, we saw your body get carried off by the hostiles, D-Dub fought most of them off for you but we saw you get dragged off", she said.

"I don't remember any of that"

"We don't expect you to" Dior said.

"Where is she?"

"I'm still not telling you that"

"Where is she?"

"You think if you keep asking, I'm just gonna tell you?"

"You didn't go inside yet and I don't know if you know this but the hostiles are invading or were you comatose during the war too?"

Dior fell silent as he looked at us, "She's at the Merciful Arms Mental Facility, she's gonna kill me for telling you that, you know she always has that gun on her", he said.

"You'd think they'd take it away from her on the way there or something?"

"You gone tell her to do it?", he said.

We both shook our head, despite the group being one big family, We had a rule about D-Dub and her gun...she'll kill one of us. Almost killed G-Dub and Reesy after a small misunderstanding about something they said about her family, I dunno, all I remember is G-Dub running into my room telling me to be quiet as he hid under my bed. D-Dub ran into my room and I told her he just ran out the back door, once she realize I didn't have a backdoor, we were all her targets. Me, Herbs, G-Dub, Dior and Reesy all slept in the jungle that day..dunno why but she didn't go postal on the Commander or NTB.

Either way, I didn't bother to aggravate Dior any further, he could beat me up eight ways to Sunday so I bid him farewell as I crashed at the Commander's (she apparently didn't live too far from Dior). She lived at an apartment complex and occasionally got visitors from friends nearby. One of them seemed to like playing video games with me so I hung with him. Something was odd about this guy though, his voice was a very different pitch than what I was used to and he was kind of into fashion a little too hard.

I hung out with the Commander every now and again as I'd hear a knock at the door, "Oh, hey Jack", I'd say as he'd smack me over the head.

"The name's Jackson Nova Bell! Get it right, bitch!", he said

"What's the "nova" part about?", I asked.

"Because I'm like the sun, I'm hot and everything revolve around me!", he said as I rolled my eyes only to get slapped again.

I grumbled as I called my mom and dad up letting them know that I might be home a little late, I had to find NTB.