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The Group: Rescue (Pt. 5)
normal, sitting, okay

We were surrounded by gun toting soldiers that probably couldn't do anything to me, D-Dub or G-Dub but I put my hands up after thinking about the Commander and Herbs...these bastards would turn those guys into swiss cheese if we try to put up a fight.

"Sirs, we got them", I heard a soldier say as I heard a "take 'em out" command from the other end as guns cocked.

"Whoa, wait!", I said as I heard a gunshot and soon saw the Commander's shoulder bleeding, "You serious!?", I shouted as bullets bounced off my chest.

"It's Project: Nothing!", I heard one of them shout as they shot us up.

"Get outta here! I'm gonna take 'em", I said as I rushed through the onslaught.

I heard G-Dub scream and before I could blink, he had one of the soldiers pinned down, emanating an aura around him that resembled blood red steam before jumping on another person. The bullets melted before touching him as he continued to zip and pounce the victims before taking a handgun from one of them and shooting someone in the face with one.

"Sir, we've found the projects, I repeat we...", I heard before G-Dub shot him. In minutes, the soldiers were all dead as G-Dub had his gun pointed at me.

"Whoa dude, take it easy", I said as the smoke around him faded and I heard him say, "Sorry Man, I get like that sometimes, how's the Commander?", he asked.

"Herbs and D-Dub took her to that tree over there, she's doing okay", I said.

"Do you understand now? Whoever's in charge of all this got this place bugged and we're just in it for as long as he want us here", G-Dub said as we walked to the tree.

"But G...I can't do that to her, man...she's just as much part of this family as you are", I said.

We neared the tree as the Commander was standing, her bleeding shoulder was cleared as they all stared at us in awe.

"I saw you get shot twenty-eight times and not die", Herbs said.

"It's from being around D-Dub too long", I joked as I looked at the Commander, "You okay?".

She shook her head before quickly covering up her shoulder as if hiding something.

"What's this?", D-Dub asked as we went to her.

The Commander backed away from us.

"What's the problem?", Herbs asked as the Commander backed away even more.

G-Dub appeared behind her and held her as she shouted "DON'T DO THIS, PLEASE!".

"We gotta see the wound, now hold still!", Herbs said as the Commander shook viciously despite being held.

"I don't want you to see this!", she shouted.

Herbs pulled up her sleeve and on her shoulder was a glowing cut, but what was bewildering was the fact it was glowing from the inside, almost as if she was on fire from the inside.

"You're one of the firestarters", G-Dub said as she stared in horror as the cut seem to grow.

"Devon, see if you can quell this!", I shouted as the Commander quietly screamed at what we all witnessed.

The Group: Rescue (Pt. 4)
Swandive Flip

Standing in front of me was G-Dub, with a gas mask on, mud on his body and unkept dreaded hair.

"Dude, we came to get you out of here", Herbs said, getting back up.

"Yeah, now where's Reesy?", I asked.

G shook his head.

"She isn't dead, is she?", I said, ignoring D-Dub's glare at me.

G shook his head, "She might as well be, I saw her get carried into the building the same time I did, but...", he started to say.

"Well, let's just hurry up and get her the f-ck out", I said, interrupting him.

"Man! Let's just go before they get y'all too", he said, shutting me off.

"I'm not getting out of here until I get both you and her", I said.

"Man! Listen! at one time, these guys experimented on each and every one of us, calling us "Projects" and drugging us even before the infiltration that split us up in the first place...There's guys like "Project Juggernaut" or as they also call it "Project Nothing" as well as "Project HeadCase" and the two "Fire Starters" among many others...they are willing to take down any failed projects and bro...We are some of those failures", he said.

"But if we leave, Reesy's gonna be in danger too", I said.

"Trust me, she's going to be fine", G-Dub said.

"I'm not gonna take that chance", I said as Herbs stood in front of me, "Get outta my way, big man, I'm on a rescue mission".

"He could be right, Man, we're on their turf, they could kill us over easy", he said.

"You agreeing with this, what happened to "no one gets left behind" or am I the only person that believes this?", I asked as D-Dub and the Commander stared at me.

"Man, there's a good chance that she could be dead", the Commander told me.

"Then I'd love to know that for myself", I said as G-Dub appeared in front of me with Herbs as I turned around only to see him every time I turn, almost as if he was phasing in front of me.

"How are you doing that?", Commander asked.

"Not sure how they did it, but I can move really, really fast now", G-Dub said, "but it hurts my chest", he said, rubbing beneath his sternum.

"We just can't leave her here, what if she's in some real danger?", I asked as D-Dub walked to me.

"Alright Man, if you really want to know what's up with Reesy, we'll check out the area where I was at, but I'm letting you know, you're not gonna like it too much", he said.

"Not gonna like what?", a voice said behind us as we each turned around to see a group of heavily armed soldiers behind us aiming their firearms at the ready.


The Group: Rescue (Pt . 3)
Swandive Flip

"You're out of your damn mind, Sellers", I said to myself as I fell through the skies.

Before I knew it, a missile was headed straight for me as I closed my eyes and prepared for the worst. If I'm crazy enough to jump out of a car controlled by a psychokinetic mental patient onto an island full of people that want to kill me and my friends due to some random super soldier drugging conspiracy. Then there's no reason to regret a damn thing now.

The missile crashed into me and as I assumed that this was the end, what I didn't know was that all it did was singe my clothes and gave me a warming feeling. How the hell did I not die? I saw another one coming for me as I grabbed the missile before finding myself riding the missile into another one as I saw the car fly right on side of me before I maneuvered myself back into it.

"How in the hell are you not dead?", Commander asked me.

I shrugged as the island got closer and closer to us before we landed in a jungle where an alarm sounded.

As we each got out the car, we noticed a big dent on it as the Commander groaned, "Jack's gonna be mad", she said as the car disappeared.

"Did you do that?" I asked D-Dub as she shook her head.

The alarm sounded and lights flashed throughout the jungle and there was sounds of "they're here in the jungle, I was told that Project Nothing is here as well as Project Knowledge and the two Thermals", one soldier asked as one of the voices started to sound closer.

I kept my mouth closed as me, Herbs, Commander and D-Dub crouched next to some nearby trees, "Did you hear something?", one of the soldiers said as they headed into our direction. My heart was beating fast, I could have taken these guys out but I saw the Commander shake her head.

Soon, I heard a clicking sound from a distance.

"What's that?", one of the soldiers said as I heard a gunshot and saw one of the soldiers fall to the ground.

"Who's there!? Project Om...", the second soldier said as a figure quickly went behind him and cracked his neck.

The figure faded out of site before I felt something tap my shoulder before turning around.

Behind me stood an unkept young man, two inches taller with me with long thick dreadlocks hanging past his shoulders with a sniper rifle hanging from his right shoulder and a gas mask on similar to what the soldiers were wearing. "What are you guys doing here?", the man asked.

"Wait a second....G?", I asked as D-Dub, Herbs and the Commander each stared at him.

He took off his gas mask and gave a smirk, "I said what the hell are y'all doing here?", he said as we were all temporarily relieved to know that he was alive.

The Group: Rescue (Pt. 2)
Swandive Flip

It was nighttime and the plan to go to Ullisania to get G-Dub and Reesy


I still have nightmares about that place ever since the infiltration.

"Man, you alright?", NTB asked me again.

"I'm fine, let's just go there and get it over with".

"Don't you want to get Dior first?", Commander said.

"No, let's just go get them"

"Well, I'm staying put just in case Dior gets in touch with us", NTB said as me, Jack, the commander and D-Dub got in the car.

"Jack, you're gonna have to stay too", Commander said.

"For what!?", Jack asked.

"We're already too deep in, we don't want any more people to get hunted down", I said, "You'll be more useful here where it's safe".

"But I want to be there too!", Jack said.

"Too bad, you're staying put", I said.

"Fuck you, Man!"

"It's for your own safety!"

After a heated argument, Jack agreed to stay at NTB's place as we got in the car and the car began to float.

"Are you going to be okay?", Commander asked.

I didn't say anything as D-Dub got the car to float in the air, I looked down and noticed just how high we were. No secret I was afraid but this was the chance to free our friends as I looked down at the island where it felt like it all started. Something wasn't right and before we knew it, our flying car being controlled by the psychokinetic mental patient was under attack by what seemed like heat seeking missiles.

"Hold on, guys", I said as I opened the door and jumped out the car.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?", the Commander shouted.

"Looks like we're all about to find out, huh?", I said.

The Group: Rescue (Pt. 1)
Swandive Flip
As I entered NTB's place with the Commander, D-Dub and Jack...all I could do was remember back when all of us were back at the old platoon.

I missed those days.

(Yup, it's a flashback chapter, has almost nothing to do with the actual story...or does it?)
"Man, I can't believe I'm doing this to you, but you have a choice. You can either get court martial'd, or you can face demotion, your choice", I heard Lt. Mills say.

I knew what I had to do so I chose to get demoted, I could go back up to the rank of Corporal whenever. What I didn't know was that they'd put me in some hole-in-the-wall offsite base with some ragtag group of other misfits. I guess this is where you go when you mess up...I'm assuming it's something like an on base prison with some actual rights. Either way, I was here and it wasn't before long before I got my first test.

She went by "Reesy" and she was apparently the tough guy around here assuming she punched me right in the face as soon as I got in.

Normally, I don't hit females, it's not in my nature, but this was the military...

"Whoa, whoa whoa, what you doing!? You wanna get killed?", I heard a voice say before I felt something pounce me into the ground, "Chill out Reesy, he's new", the guy said as a shorter woman walked towards me, the guy that pounced me was a big guy. We're talkin' a good 6'1, almost 300 pound kinda big.

"I could-a taken her, y'know", I said, dusting myself off as I heard a "WHAT!?" in the distance.

"Mr. Sellers?", the shorter woman said.


"I'm Commander Jellz and I'd like to welcome you", she said with a kind smile.

"Sorry to sound unappreciative, but that ostrich already welcomed me earlier", I said as two other guys walked out of their rooms to see who I was.

"Don't worry, she's not usually like this, she's just mad because Devon had to leave for her weekly mental evaluation", the shorter woman said, "But while you're here, you can be escorted around by Herbert, Nikoil and Gavin, they'll help you out with whatever you need to know".

"Yeah man, we're gonna go play some games in a few over at D.R.'s place", Gavin said, he was a bespectacled, light skinned guy that was a good few inches taller than I was. The other guy, Nikoil, had a muscular frame roughly the same height as Herbert, something about the way he looked just made me shiver before he gave off a smirk.

Sure as hell glad that it was that Reesy chick that punched me instead of him.

"Yeah man, that's Devon's girl, you don't fuck with Reesy while Devon's gone", Herbert said.

"Why not, this Devon guy tough or something?", I asked

"Devon always carry a gun on her", Gavin said.

"So I'll just take Reesy when she ain't got a gun", I said.

"Devon's the one with the gun", Herbert said.

"Devon's a girl?", I asked, " Either way, what's with this mental evaluation shit, anyway?"

"We all have to undergo mental evaluation while we're here, a lot of us are looked at as "too insane to be returned to society" or some shit like that, either way, they give us a lot of freedom", Herbert said.

Nikoil still said nothing as we went further into the base and approached a camp with loud music booming outside of it, "looks like D.R.'s awake", Herbs said as he opened the door only to see a dark skinned guy (that blended in well with the dark room he was in) sitting cross legged in a corner with a laptop screen shining from his face with headphones on.

"Hey D, what's up, bruh?", Herbert said as the guy took off his headphones and stood up.

"Who's the new guy?", he said, not looking up once.

"Private Manuel Sellers", I said.

This guy wasn't much taller than me as he looked at me, squinted his eyes and walked to his room, "So I got that new Olah Ree'ch, it's pretty good", he said, almost as if I didn't existed. Nikoil, Gavin and Herbert each walked into the next room and when I went in, it looked like something I haven't seen before.

Pictures of pin-up girls on the walls, a lot of food on one side of his room and a lot of technological gadgets and gizmos on the other side and on the floor, nothing but magazines and books.

"I heard that Olah Ree'ch wasn't nearly as good as Olah Tres, though", Gavin said as a horn blew in the distance.

"Looks like Devon's back", Nikoil said as D. R. turned on the game as I watched the four of them played.

It wasn't before long before I started to get used to everyone, from Reesy's temper to Herb's girl-craziness to Gavin's competitive streak. It seemed like we all had some kinda mental issues but we all got along just fine with our adventures (coming soon, Bunkee Chronicles), hell, but what seemed odd was the weekly mental evaluation we had to deal with.

They wouldn't ask us any questions that had any psychological value...it'd be strictly physical ranging from things like basic activity to eating habits to weight gain and weight loss...I rarely had any questions dealing with any past trauma or anything like that.

And now that I think about it..these guys looked very familiar.
"Man!..MAN!", NTB said to me.

"what, what?"

"Damn bruh, you spacin' out on us kinda hard!", Lafayette said on his way out the door.

"You leavin', bruh?", NTB asked.

"Yeah, I got a show to do kinda early tomorrow", he said as he was out the door.

I spaced out so hard that I wasn't even paying attention to what they were all saying and looks like Leila was out for the night.

"Looks like he won't be back for a lil' bit, but there's a reason why I brought you over here, Herbert", NTB said, "And it has something to do with Man over there", he said.

"I'm gonna need your help in order to get G-Dub and Reesy", I said.

"What's wrong?", Herbs said, getting right to his feet.

"Cool your jets, hotshot, that's the thing, we don't know where they are..", I started to say.

"Yeah we do!", Commander said as she tapped away on NTB's laptop (with his approval of course), "They're right there!", she said, pointing on an awkward diagram on his computer of what looked like a small island.

Something about that frame looked familiar as I looked for a name of it.


The Group: Reassembling (Pt. 10)
Swandive Flip
The pasture was turning into a forest and before long the sky turned black.

"So what's with the mental powers, D?"

"I've always had these abilities", she said, "after the infiltration, I got kidnapped, G and Dior fought hard to make sure I didn't get committed, G being the militant and Dior trying to use his diplomacy approach...either way, after your apparent death, Man. I was given medicine that'd give me really bad headaches but also awaken my inquisitive side, I saw myself being intrigued by the thoughts of philosophers and scholars all throughout history. It wasn't before long before I graduated from the "school" in the hospital and saw myself working as part of it and then..", she said before pausing.


"The headaches got worse and I found myself going to a hospital that was practically unlisted by all accounts, I woke up a week later only for them to tell me I had a brain tumor and I'll suffer from delusions that I could control things with my mind. They told me that as long as I take these meds", she said, taking out some orange and blue tablets, "the delusions will go away"

As she took her hand out to show me the tablets, I noticed a mark on her elbow.

"One day, I decided to experiment on myself and go a few days without taking the medicine, I didn't feel any different but it made me realize that the apparent "delusions" of me controlling things with my mind were not delusions and I found myself being under heavy watch and even heavier restraint after I managed to unlock my door on accident", she said.

"Yeah, we did have to sign a bunch of paperwork to see you before all that madness earlier", Jack said.

"I heard them say something about exterminating the failures and I don't know how but I saw a diagram of our platoon number...I think we're in deeper than we realized with this", she said, looking at me.

"You might be right", Commander said, "There's word that G-Dub and Reesy are being experimented on as we speak, and we gotta help them", she said, "No one deserves to die like that", she said.

D-Dub looked at me with a scowl as I thought, "where's your gun?" in my head.

She pulled out her gun, cocked it and put it back on her person.

"A mind reader too, you serious!?", I said out loud as she gave a nod.

"It's at random, it's not like I can choose when I want to do this stuff, it just happen", she said.

"Well, I hope you can do something right now, because I'm going empty over here", Jack said.

D-Dub smiled and before we knew it, the car was flying again as we headed back in city limits right in front of NTB's place.

"Where's Dior, he didn't want to come with you?", D-Dub asked.

"Yeah", Commander said as we knocked on NTB's door.

The sounds of guys arguing and talking filled the air as NTB opened the door to reveal he wasn't the only one home.

Right in the front room was his wife, Lafayette and a grinning Herbs.

"I KNEW IT! Herbs, man, what the hell are you doing back in the states!?", I said as we all reunited.

The Group: Reassembling (Pt. 9)
Swandive Flip
"D-Dub! what the hell!?", I shouted as the car floated in the air.

We all stared at her as she continued to hold her head, "Guys! Be quiet! I can't concentrate!", she shouted as the car started to stumble, the clouds outside stopped moving and I felt my stomach turn up.

"Uh oh"

"Uh oh? what you mean "uh oh"?", Jack said.

I pointed out the window and made him see how the ground was closing in on us, We were falling!

Out of pure insanity and severe apathy (plus, to this day, I still don't know what I was thinking), I jumped out the falling car and began to grab onto it as we started to fall at a drastic rate.

I could hear everyone shouting my name as I got under the car and continued to grab onto it as it fell.

In moments, my feet were inches from the ground as I looked around and noticed our surroundings. Nothing but green hills and pastures, seemed like we were in the middle of a farm or something.

I continued to float before I felt my feet touch the ground as I held the car over my head.

"Who 'da hell i'that on my yerd!?", I heard as I looked around, far off into the distance was a conveniently placed farm with a barefoot very big, very angry looking man wearing suspenders walking outside with a really big shotgun.

I felt a fly bump against my skin as I picked it up and realized it was a bullet...it didn't hurt and I think it broke on contact.

The man stared at me (still holding the car over my head) fearfully as I began to ask him where we were. He ran back inside with a "I'm calling the freakin' police!" as I dropped the car, got in and told Jack to stomp it.

"What was that earlier?", Jack asked.

"I saw that the car was going to have a clear landing and I wanted to make sure that the car was still wheels down for it, y'know...instead of the car spinning and..", I started to say.

"I mean, how the hell did you pick up my car!?", he shouted.

"I'm not sure", I said, looking at my arm, whatever this mark meant, I can easily say I got some kinda superpower or something.

"And you!", he said, addressing D-Dub, "what the hell is up with you and the head thing, you got some kinda Jean Grey shit goin' on?".

"Yeah, Devon, what's the problem?", Commander said (the first thing she said in a while, other than freakin' out in the car during the fall) to no answer.

"Well, someone better start saying something before one-a y'all start spewing firebreath!", Jack said, driving through a road that seemed to be surrounded by nothing but forest.

The Group: Reassembling (Pt. 8)
Swandive Flip
With Dior gone, we could pack lighter...I didn't understand his problem with saving our friends as we went to the mental health facility where D-Dub was held up.

"Guys, I thought I saw Herbs earlier!", I said, shouting.

"Don't worry, we'll see him again, I'm kinda on a roll right now", The Commander said, focusing really hard on the road.

"We could just stop right here and...", I started to say


"Jeez, you'd think she had a hard time driving or something", I said to myself as Jack gave me a look.

We approached the hospital and did our basic procedure before going to the visiting room to see how she was doing. The last time we visited, she seemed calm. Now, she seemed a little jittery and almost too happy to see us as she sat down and waited for the men to leave.

"They pissed you off, D?", I asked.

"Guys, you gotta get me out of here", she said.

"It's that bad, huh?", Jack said.

"It's not that, I don't know what it is, but I have to get out of here, quick", she said before whispering "I've been able to do things", she said, looking at us with a minor fear as the table started to shake, "oh no, it's happening again!", she said as the table we were on shot upwards, hitting me in the chin (didn't hurt) before hitting the ceiling before falling back down. I grabbed it before it could fall on the Commander as Jack stood there in awe at the fact that I was holding this table with one hand by one of it's legs like a battle axe.

"She's unstable, bring her back in!", one of the men outside said as they went back in the room with restraints.

"Get away from me!", D-Dub said as the two men (big guys by the way) flew backwards to the wall before getting knocked unconscious.

Jack and the Commander looked at us as if we just launched a table in the air, caught it and launched two really big guys against a wall, "Well, what are you guys looking at?", I said as the door flew open and I ran out.

The alarm sounded as we ran out of the facility, followed by other patients that each got caught and restrained as the doors in front of us automatically opened. One door didn't seem to open as we seem to have lost them.

"We're trapped!"

"Not for long!", I said as I ran right into the door, leaving a big hole in it as I saw the car.

Me, D-Dub, Jack and the Commander each got in the car as Jack took the wheel.

"Jack, what are you doing, this is the Commander's car!", I said.

"No it ain't, bitch! This is my car!", he said as we all got in, missing the big guys by a few feet as we sped down the highway.

D-Dub groaned and moaned and before we knew it, I was looking at clouds and ducks in the window.

The car was freakin' flying, man.

The Group: Reassembling (Pt. 7)
Swandive Flip
We realized that getting to the experimental facility where G-Dub and Reesy may be held up would be hard to get to but considering our nice little finances from being part of the military, we had a way of getting there.

Dior seemed uneasy about this whole thing, but I didn't bother to talk to him about it.

"So you mean to tell me that you were the murderer from last night?", The Commander asked me.

"More like self defense", I said lowly, "The fuck was trying to kill me-".

"I don't want to go", Dior said.


"I said, I don't want to go", Dior repeated.

"But D-"

"Since we met up, it's been all "war" this and "war" that, I told you that I'm not a soldier anymore but you keep trying to put us back into that!", Dior said, "I don't know what kinda sick pleasure you get out of putting us back in that, but I'm not gonna satisfy it", he said.

"Dude, these are not just some soldiers that we bunked with before the infiltration, these are our friends", I said, "and besides, who's to say that one of us couldn't be next, for all you know, this could just be one big warning".

"Count me out, I said I'm done and I meant it", he said as he began to leave.

"And you, Commander?", I asked.

She said nothing.

"NTB?", I said.

NTB also said nothing.

Dior walked out as Jack looked at us, "Seems like you're going by yourself", he said.

"Yeah, seems like it, don't it", I said as I began to leave.

"Man", The Commander piped.

"Yes ma'am"

"I've been with you for this long, we can't stop now", she said as NTB stayed put.

"I can understand why you can't go, but we will keep ya posted", I said as we left his place and went to Jack's car.

"Where we headed now?", he asked.

"To Merciful Arms, we gotta let D-Dub know where we're going", I said.

As we neared a stoplight, I heard an argument between a woman and a man, the woman was screaming in Spanish as the man seemed to yell back in english (he seemed to be understanding her)

"Bese mi culo pendejo!"

"Don't be talkin' to me like that! I help put your ass in here!"


"I ain't stupid!"

The argument continued until the two people began to show themselves, it was a beautiful mexican woman with a slightly burly black man with braids.

I glanced over and saw another familiar face.

"Commander! it's Herbs!", I shouted as I rolled the window down.

"HERBS!", I said as the light turned green, the man turned to look at me as we left.

The Group: Reassembling (Pt. 6)
Swandive Flip
"I can't believe all that happened last night", I said, recollecting on the events that happened after leaving NTB's the day before while preparing to open the door before my brother walked me out the door.

I called the Commander and Dior to head over to NTB's place, Jack included himself into the visit as I prepared to head out.

"So, what's that stuff on your arm?", he asked.

"It's a mark that I was branded with during the war", I lied.

"What was so hard about saying that last night?", he asked

I gave him a look.

"That bad, huh?", he asked as I nodded and left outside.

"The cops are really hostile about that murder last night, you may wanna stay on your toes", he said as I nodded and walked out.

I walked to NTB's place (not too far from where I was) as the sound of sirens filled the neighborhoods nearby.


No answer.

"NTB!", I knocked again.

No answer.

I called his phone realizing I should have done this sooner.


"I'm outside your front door"

"Sorry Man, I was asleep, and so is the family...so keep your voice down"

I soon heard footsteps echoing through their apparently empty home as he opened the door.

He opened the door, still towering over me, wearing his night clothes.

"Hurry up and get inside, Man! There's a murderer out here", he said, jokingly.

I walked in, "Shit, if some murderer think they brave enough to come through here, they'd better hope I don't see 'em", he said as he closed the door.

"You already know why I'm here", I said, not wasting any time.

"G-Dub and Reesy, right?", he said as I nodded.

"I can't tell you too much, I don't know it all, but there's a website about the conspiracy called 'gov seekrets dot com' and apparently they hold everything", he said.

"And you think they may be onto something?", I said, remembering the white room with the guys wearing lab coats.

NTB shrugged, taking out his laptop and showing me the site, as I checked it, I read up on things like alien studies, political scandals featuring celebrity satannic ritual sacrifices and other things until I found military secrets and the "real reason" behind the war in Ullasina so long ago. I also saw something that made me very nervous as there was a mark similar to the one on my arm on their website.

I stood up and began to walk outside.

"You alright, Man?", he said as I lifted up my sleeve to show him the mark.

"You know the murder that's been spreading around?", I asked as he nodded, "I did it", I said as I put my sleeve back down.

"So it's not just some conspiracy"

"Apparently not, some punk tried to rob me last night and I took him down, but it was...different, I was hit by a car and apparently was capable to elude the police", I said as the door opened and in arrived Dior, Jack and The Commander. "We got your call, what's up?", Jack said, as they arrived.

"We gotta get G-Dub and Reesy", I said.